Change is Not in the Rear View Mirror

Obama-queen We are privileged to be able to listen to what’s making history this morning — way before the newspapers get the information. We can follow it on Facebook, Twitter, or even by calling  877-my AMFIX. I decided to call AM/FIX and was asked whether the traditional face-to-face meeting was obsolete. My two cents: Of course we have to meet! Seems like a wasted question. President Obama can't make the same connection to Prime Minister Gordon Brown or the Queen via Facebook now can he?

I followed the Obamas trip to England and was interested in what news came out of it. Did you know that England issued a limited edition President Obama coin available in silver or gold? This is entrepreneurial and an interesting way to stimulate the economy.

Certainly there are people who have created major problems relating to our economy. However, we are all responsible for moving forward. In England, Obama stated that the rest of the world has always relied on the US for relief and to help everyone, but his statement was also that the U.S. has to take care of its own house first. Everyone will have to assume responsibility for this global problem if it’s going to get solved swiftly.

Let’s not forget Michelle Obama. She was dressed simply and not wearing a sleeveless dress so we didn't have to hear about her well-toned arms. But I also noticed that her blouse was a little low cut and this will no doubt come under scrutiny. Michelle represents the 21st century woman, in my view: Well-educated and super successful in her own right. She is popular around the world and let’s not forget an  African American woman. We have yet to see her effect on the world. She appears to be able to listen and is obviously interested in collecting new ideas.

This was the first official meeting between the U.S. and Britain as the British Prime Minister Brown and President Obama meet to discuss their concerns prior to the G-20 Summit meeting.

So should we spend, save, invest? No clear answers, but we will get through this and we must realize there will be a future. Brown was more specific than Obama about what needs to happen: Basically, straighten up the banks and financial institutions, invest in fiscal stimulus contributions, cut interest rates and restructure the financial system. I think by now we all know what’s wrong, let’s just keep moving forward!

Obama was much less clear, speaking of taking action and pushing back, being cooperative and support economic growth, support trade and not forget the human side of our problem. Cooperation, cooperation,cooperation. I hope we have people that want to join us in this effort.

Obama's buzz words:

  • Kinship of ideas
  • Lead and listen
  • Corporation between powers and work together
  • Global plan for economic recovery. Everyone needs to raise the bar and put some type of regulations for banks in our global economy.

The biggy sems to be to create a stable economy by reducing interest rates and stop the loss of jobs and businesses. Unlike the 1930s, we have many social programs in place which will help get us through this.

So what’s a business to do? Remember, eventually people will buy cars and houses, though they'll be a bit more cautious.

  • Invest in the future while keeping your business stable. If you need to downsize to survive, then do it.
  • Consider what will be the best possible decisions that you can make and then make them.
  • Focusing on fear will not help you make decisions; fear only immobilizes people.

Bo This is the time to act and look forward—the future is never in the rear view mirror. Looking back doesn’t help, this is 2009. And we have a lot of resources available to resolve the problems.

Oh, and if you keep up with the goings on of the Obamas, you may know that they recently got a Portuguese water dog, which the kids named Bo. I wrote him a note on his Facebook page giving him a piece of my mind that the dog wasn't a rescue dog. Was that out of line?


"Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of the rain dance." – Cowboy proverb

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