21 06, 2020

Yes There’s Light at the end of This Tunnel

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Thanks, Oneclickfix

The light is at the end of the tunnel; don’t expect it to look the same as when you entered it. No matter what; look for new opportunities. You went through this in 2008, try not to worry but get your finances in order.

As businesses begin to open up, it’s obvious that to make it; you have your bank account in order. It’s hard to determine what to do when the rules change daily. Today I heard that the COVID-19 cases in Florida are so high the Governor spoke about having to close the state down! I recently took the Contact Tracer class and all I can say is, “Wear Your Mask.” I’M LOOKING FOR BUSINESS OWNERS TO INTERVIEW, PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL IF YOU’RE INTERESTED. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU’RE ALL DOING OUT THERE! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING TO KEEP MOVING. I WOULD LIKE TO DO A ZOOM WITH 10-20 OF YOU. SO REACH OUT!

Here are some ideas for you to consider.

  1. I remember speaking with several retailers about their businesses and suggesting they close. They couldn’t believe I said that because they knew their customers would be back. They were also under-capitalized, had back rent and taxes and couldn’t survive very long on 40% occupancy! Why am I telling you this? It’s time to look further ahead; are you using up the money you’ve saved to invest in a business that won’t make it? The light at the end of the tunnel is all of us deciding what we can do to maximize the business we have and how we can expand it.
  2. Check out my podcast, “Fired up Success,” on Spotify. Great interviews with experts, interior designers, testing experts, how to manage the kids and how to keep up your spirits.

3. You’ve done this before, you know how to do this. Reach back into other times, the challenges you’ve had and how you got through                    them before. If you can’t remember, call a friend who can refresh your memory. Check out Life Hacks and their ideas for getting                        through this. One important thing to remember, don’t isolate.  If you have questions about opening up, check this out. 

4. Want new customers? Great article about 4 days ago. Connect on Facebook and LinkedIn with others in your industry.

    5. How about a vacation, it maybe time to do if you’re up for it. Check this out,  want to know where to go, check this out,

        Okay, so I’m crazy, I don’t buy my own groceries yet!

Soon I will  have my new website, video classes and my book update. New ideas and things that will help you out.

Stay safe dear friends.

Need someone to listen, share ideas with to give you new ideas? Reach out to Lisbeth, [email protected]



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16 05, 2020

It’s Time to Clean Up Your Selling System as Your Business Reopens after COVID-19

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My friend works at a car dealership; they have been partially open during the pandemic. There are some interesting restrictions that will make your sales process easier if you can adapt for your business. When they discuss the restrictions over the phone with the customer, they explain that everything is done to keep them safe. In addition, they tell them time is limited, and everything is constantly being disinfected. They must also wear a mask.

We are all concerned about safety and cleanliness. Customer restrictions should focus on these issues to assure the customer that you are going out of your way for them. I have spoken with several business owners who have told me that having customers in their showroom is very stressful. They have to tell customers to wear their masks and not get to close to others. It’s important to organize  your selling system around these principles to lessen your own stress.

Here are the restrictions: you must make an appointment, and you can’t go into the showroom or test-drive a car! You can stand in the parking lot and have your conversations. Under normal conditions, prospective buyers wear themselves out test driving cars and then spend the rest of the day with the ‘tough stuff.’ The tough stuff is discussing credit scores, loans, title, registration, insurance and monthly payments. The best part of the day is spent driving cars; in fact, many customers leave after that never completing the process. If the customer calls off one of their ads, the salesperson takes a video of the car and describes the car to the potential customer.

Now the salesperson discusses the ‘tough’ parts before the customer comes into the dealership. This separates the ‘tire kickers from the serious buyers. The car of course is warranted, and the customer can bring it back.

I don’t know your industry, but if you’re in the flooring business doesn’t this remind you of your customers? Calling for samples, having you deliver them and then getting more samples? Then one day when you’re not in the showroom, they leave them outside the door!

No matter what your business, this gives you the opportunity to create some rules for the customer. These are rules designed to limit their exposure to other people and time spent in your showroom. If you are requiring they make an appointment, I would get an idea of what they want, and  would send a video of the products and describe them in the video. (Apparently this is what the car dealers are doing.)

I would  discuss their budgets upfront, how they intend to pay for their purchase (offering them your credit card) and explaining you are doing these things to keep them safe. I would also say they have limited time to be in the showroom and and limit the number of samples they take home. I would explain that we disinfect them daily and need to make sure they are clean. I would also tell them the decision maker must be at the job site when the measure person comes to the house, and the job must be paid for as soon as you have the numbers. You can also tell them that children under a certain age are not allowed in the showroom.

Think this is harsh? Remember your customers will be watching your every move. They will be looking at your showroom and it’s cleanliness and what your bathroom is like. I suggest you get yourself certified though OSHA and their outline  for keeping your showroom clean. 360 OSHA has a free course with a certificate of completion. I would hang certificates all over my showroom.

Your responsible is to keep your employees and your customers safe so you do not spread the virus. This is stressful to your employees and your customers so its important  you pay attention to the will have to pay particular attention to guidance developed by OSHA. When you first open it’s likely everyone will feel stressed because they’re trying to get it right. As long as you’re paying attention there’s nothing to worry about. Take your time and pay attention to everyone in your showroom.

By the way, I’m excited I just received my Life Coaching certification through Transformation Academy. Despite my psychology degrees, I felt it was time to brush up on my skills. Through these stressful times I feel it’s important to have all the skills I can get to help you make good decisions for your business and your life. I am available  for consultation, just give me a shout so we can make an appointment. Soon I will be offering a life quest workshop. Reach me at [email protected]

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26 04, 2020

Make Sure Your Customers Never Forget You

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Floor Covering News

First published, Floor Covering News Wire,

The daily news coverage and sobering statistics about the economic impact on top of the health implications brought on by the novel coronavirus can be overwhelming, to say the least. I find I’m also being bombarded by an influx of ads and email communications—as most people are, I’m sure—while we’re all hunkering down under shelter-in-place orders.

It seems almost daily that I receive a coupon or promotional offer from a store selling “non-essentials.” Do I really need perfume from Macy’s or a dishtowel from Bed, Bath and Beyond at the moment? Perhaps it’s better to use all this downtime to use up everything in the cabinets and closets, and maybe give away the extra stuff.

I get it: marketers are looking to cash in on captive audiences, many of whom are spending more time online. The thought process being, stay top of mind with consumers during the downturn, and they might reward you when they are ready to emerge from retail hibernation to begin buying again. But here’s the problem: With so many people out of work, the last thing customers need are spiffs for non-essential items. Rather, I think people will remember those who have been investing in the health and welfare of local communities.

Here is a heartwarming story about community investment near my home.

There is a Hilton Garden Inn across the street from a major teaching hospital in Albany, N.Y. State Employees Federal Credit Union spearheaded an effort in collaboration with Barry, Bette and LaDuke (a construction company) and from health care groups such as CDPHP and MVP Health Care to transform the hotel across from Albany Medical Center into the Heroes Landing, a nearby respite for our doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to receive much-needed rest, nutrition, comfort and strength between shifts. Now, that’s memorable! These folks will be remembered as heroes.

Following tragedies, we cherish stories about people who go above and beyond the call of duty. Now, more than ever, it’s important to make your business a destination. This was a trend before COVID-19, and I expect it will escalate as we navigate this crisis. Why not be the leader in your community?

This is a rare opportunity to honor the heroes in your town—your mayor, the hospital’s personnel, delivery men—those whose jobs are essential. This is a great way to show them how much you care. Maybe you can have a barbecue in your parking lot (observing social distancing rules, of course.) It doesn’t have to be fancy; you just need to do it.

The new normal

No doubt, COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work and communicate. One trend I see emerging from all this is the one-stop-shopping concept, especially as we continue to limit our exposure amid this pandemic. Even after this situation has subsided, I believe people will be cautious for some time. As China relaxes its coronavirus restrictions, the rest of the world will be watching closely to see if another wave of the virus hits.

I also expect online shopping as well as connecting through different social media channels (i.e. video chatting) will be more important than ever. Social media is what’s getting many of us through this and will continue to help us connect.

In the midst of everything that’s going on, think of creative ways to make customers remember you when this nightmare is finally over—and one day it will be over. Let’s not be victims complaining about what isn’t happening. Let’s prepare for the future and make it happen.

Need someone to talk with? Connect with me, [email protected]

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16 03, 2020

How Can You Make It in Uncertain Times?

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Ok, relax, meditate, work out, do whatever it takes to collect your wits; it’s just beginning. The Corona-virus is here.

We’re all in the same boat; at least, most of us are. My business is closed to. My in in store training’s  have been canceled. Yes, it’s scary, and it’s time for us to band together. My neighborhood is not only quiet; it’s desolate. I went to the little store across the street, just to check in. I love Joe, and his retail store has the coolest things. Today he said he’s sure they are going to tell him to close. What will he do? He will stay in the store and start thinking.

It’s time for all of us to start thinking and feeling. If you run a business and have employees it’s a good time to speak with them as a group and each one individually. It’s likely that each one has different circumstances that are giving them more angst during this crisis. Children at home from school (who will take care of them), a spouse who’s not working, and everyone worrying about their future. As an owner, you have the same issues and a few more. As of tonight my state, New York, is basically closed. I’m worried about the hourly workers in my neighborhood as well as myself. My neighbor and I have decided to cook daily, and I can deliver. We have put up an emergency site just for our street!

Here is something’s, I think are important for all of us business owners.

Check your business interruption insurance. Likely not going to cover those that have to stay home but may cover merchandise that isn’t going to arrive.
Make calls to your elected officials; be sure they know you will need money for your business–grants for your business, not just loans. What good are loans if you don’t have customers.
Check in with your landlords, utility company and your insurances. It’s best to tell them your situation before they start sending notices. This applies to everyone in your business so make sure you have this discussion.
Take care of yourself physically and discuss this with your employees. If you can’t go to the gym, give everyone’s time to have time to run outside, or if the gym is open, go. My gym is closed for at least a week.
If you have a message that you want to get out, let me know, I’m not hosting a podcast. Last week, I interviewed Greg Hadfield, from Century, Professional flooring & Cleaning, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He said the response from the interview was overwhelming. I’m happy to get your word out also.
Customers not coming in or you have limited hours? You need to stay in contact. If you have an email database, it’s time to start reaching out. Ask what you can do to help them, can you deliver anything to them, can they use your ‘shop at home’ service. Yes, this is the time to have them.
Reach out to the businesses around you. Can you help each other? Even if the business is similar to yours, you’re all in the same boat. When things calm down, you should consider planning events together.
Reach out to your community. They are needing people to deliver food, work in the food Pantry’s. People will never forget your good deeds during these times. Reach out to your local Rotary’s and other groups that are community minded. Maybe your business can be the drop off point for food or whatever else is needed in your community.

This is a good time to educate your staff. I will have my video training  up in a few days that should really be helpful. Let’s not have their skills get rusty during this downtime.  I will also be conducting webinars with ideas on what we can do. 

Start brainstorming; what will you do when this is over? What will be different, what will you have to change?

If you have any ideas let me know so I can print them. It’s time for you to use those problem solving skills that haven’t been in demand.

If  you  want to talk call me or send me an email. We’ve never had anything like this before so let’s band together. [email protected] or 518-495-5380.

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