Can You Make Money With Customer Service?

Ben_and_jerrys Customer service often gets lost in a business; lost in the everyday of doing business. Businesses get lackadaisical, often forgetting their core business or how they got into business. Basically they forget their customers.

Can you remember when the service attendant pumped the gas for you? New Jersey is one of the states where you can’t pump your own gas so you can actually have the opportunity to experience this customer service from years gone by.

If you’re planning on "heating up that bottom line" you are doing to walk in the customer’s shoes. Identifying with the customer, their distress and taking them seriously. The more distressed the customer the more difficult to keep the customer. Businesses spend more time and money getting new customers than they do training their salespeople. The more difficult the economy, the more likely businesses are to recruit new customers rather than pay attention to their existing customers. Existing customers are the life blood of any business. Excellent word of mouth is spoken gently, bad word of mouth is screamed.

Tonight I went to Ben and Jerry’s for yogurt but before I bought I asked if we could look up the calories. He didn’t roll his eyes or act annoyed he just said, do you have a particular flavor in mind? I said no, I just want to know about the calories and I don’t want to look too hard. He laughed and said they actually aren’t that high. He went on to explain about the serving size and the number of calories in each serving. I found that the frozen yogurt was pretty low, 170 calories. Again I was amazed. The more he talked the more I liked him, the more I liked him the more I wanted to buy. Isn’t this how customer service improves the bottom line?

How do you know if your customer service is the best, you don’t but you can become the company your customer can’t live without? Train your employees first and advertise later. There’s no reason to capture customers if you can’t keep them. Define ways to keep your customers and then advertise to get them. Cherish your customers before they buy and show your customers the kind of service they can expect.

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