Can Yoga Save Your Business?It Might Save JC Penney.

Can Yoga save JC Penny?Is JC Penney is in the dumper?
Maybe not.
Okay so they went from $9.99 to $10.00 pricing and the merchandise still looks like everyone elses. Did any of these things matter to the customers?
I don’t think so.
These things are old.
Not having sales hasn’t been popular with their customers either.
But you’ve got to start  to start somewhere and keep at it. Eventually you’ll hit it right.
It sounds like they’ve hit it right. They’re  holding Yoga classes in their stores. Now that’s doing it.
If I had told you to hold Yoga classes you would have told me I was nuts.  Maybe it’s nuts but it fits for today’s health conscious customer.
All customers want an experience — so give it to them. You hear it everywhere; give your customers an experience but no one does it.
A sale is not an experience, it’s a sale’
Johnson plans to have couches and coffee bars in 15-foot-wide aisles, or what Johnson calls, “places to engage.” It will be just like an Apple store, Johnson said. Check out this link so you can read the article.
Only time will tell if this will save JC Penney.  Holding Yoga classes is very cool. Pilate’s classes would be cool too.
If you’re going to make changes go for it. If you’re doing what everyone else is doing they’ll never notice you. If you go for it, you’ve got a chance.
Johnson says he’s building a “mall within a mall.” He’s creating his own Apple store. Starbucks coffee, juice  bar, you bet!
Does he have a choice?  Sure he can do nothing and  die a slow death. You can’t blame him for not wanting to take that route.
Whatever you you have to do you’ve got to step out of the box. I really hate the expression but you’ve got to act as if there isn’t a box.
The department store unveiled its new shop concept Monday, showing off — among other things — a 1,500-square-foot men’s Levi’s store with an exclusive “denim bar” .  The word is the profits in these shops is up.
Sound like the Genius Bar at Apple?Actually I think it’s kind of cute.
JC Penney has partnered with the Joe Fresh brand out of Canada to produce a fun and engaging shopping experience. The Loblaw Companies Limited is Canada’s best known brand. The brand is different for the United States and brings a fresh appeal to JC Penney.
Isn’t that what we all need; a fresh approach? It’ s hard to see things differently when you’re using the same old eyes. The only way to change is to get someone else to look at what you’re doing and give you some new ideas.
I’m into it; Yoga and Pilate’s appeal to the Baby Boomer–the guys with the dough. They care about their health and they’re doing something about it–they have to.
If JC Penney can bring the customers into the store and make them happy, isn’t this what it’s all about?
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2 thoughts on “Can Yoga Save Your Business?It Might Save JC Penney.”

  1. Caren, My thoughts exactly! Ok, so yoga may work too. But when I heard the free haircut offer, I vowed to take my kids in. I have 3 ten year olds , all entering 5 th grade. they will get their haircuts there, and I will shop for school….both because I’m in the store, and to be loyal. a great offer like that makes me want to give them my business…maybe over Target!
    Just plain smart.

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