Blogging the Election

Today I picked up my 93 year old neighbor Irma and walked to the voting place. We had the same conversation that we have every time we vote; Irma reminds me there was a time when women couldn't vote. Irma tells me she voted first in 1946 and she had to pay a voting tax of $2.00 in New Hampshire for a number of years. I then begin to think about what I read in history books about women and the Suffrage movment and all the other things that I shouldn't forget. Voting is part of what it means to live in the United States, a free country where you can vote–without fear. I  wonder how much electronics will have to do with the outcome of the election. This morning I got a call from McCain's tent and a text message from Michelle Obama. A lot of activity at my house at 5 a.m! More about the election later tonight as I watch the results with you.

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