Blogging Ain’t All the Same but Some Blogs Are Better Than Others

I have looked through many blogs and read about many blogs; now I have my own ideas about what makes a good blog. Here are some ideas for you to consider as you determine how to build your blog.

  • A blog is not simply a commercial for your business. If this is your format then you probably won’t have many takers. Why, you ask? Blogging is part of the new Web world — commonly called 2.0 — which is the conversation with the customer, not the one where you tell them or show them why they should buy from you. Your customers will get the idea from your blog. Are you writing things that are of interest? Will they comment or send you notes? The blog provides the means for conversation.
  • Ask your readers what they would like from your articles. This is a good time to consider how well you know your customers and what you can be doing to build relationships.
  • Take a look in your industry. What are others writing, talking and blogging about? Call them and talk with them. Add comments on their blogs or ask if you can be a guest blogger. This will get you some experience and ideas as to how blogs work. Send a blog link to all of your friends and ask what they think. This will get you some good feedback.
  • Make a long list of topics that you can write about. I say long because you want to write because you love it not because you hate it and now you have another job! Check other blogs in your industry and see how you can make yours different or what can you build on.
  • When you write your posts, add links to other blogs, articles on the subject, videos and photos. Remember, the reader should come to you because you add value — not only from your writings but from other places when they can get ideas. Start collecting information, sign yourself up for RSS feeds on topics of interest. This way, you'll get info all during the day and will get the latest scoops on your topics.

Don’t forget to make it easy and have fun!

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