Better Get them Before Someone Else Does

Babyboomer The number is 78 million strong and preparing to exit certain markets. As a group they are self-centered, strong willed and still pursuing their dreams. Who are they, the Baby Boomers? The group that will never get old.

What motivates this customer? As marketers you should understand that this group has been bombarded with advertising and messages and at this point in their life they are more motivated by internal messages, their own values. Remember as a group they’ve seen and heard it all, they are not influenced by the values or concerns of the youth. This is the time to focus inward and determine what’s important as they advance through life. They are also not talking ‘old age.’

As I was writing this I received a call from a Baby Boomer friend who is 74. She was telling me about their last trip to Europe and that she’s sorry she hasn’t seen me for lunch; she’s been so busy with her grandchildren’s graduations. I love listening to her and my cousin Ro who is planning her next skiing trip.

They do not see themselves as old, like their parents or grandparents. They may be getting older but this is not how they would describe themselves.
It’s time for them to pursue their dreams; old age might be around the corner but they are not pursing the same old age path. Maybe you can’t play as many sets of tennis in one day but you are still playing tennis. Time to focus on health, keeping in shape and eating the right food. To this group, old age is really to be enjoyed, a time to do what you want to do.

Everyone has their own dreams; there is no ‘one size fits all.’ Mass marketing will not fit this group. This customer in more likely to say, what’s in it for me? This isn’t the group that wants to hear, ‘everyone is doing it’ or ‘everyone likes this.’ Their motto: I’m not everyone; I’m me and I’m different.

This group is not buying products, they are buying values. Instead of selling products, talk about the values of the person buying the product, how they are using the product and their attitudes. Share stories about the people buying, their interests and their lifestyles. If your customer shares the same values as the person buying they may be interested in what you’re selling.

Selling flooring, what about slip resistance, height differences, colors that are easily seen, balance issues? Do you have lots of reader glasses tied to your displays so people can read your displays? What about the size of the font when you’re sending an email to your customers? Have you noticed that mobile phones are starting to get bigger, who do you think has the money to buy these phones and also have vision problem?

For instance, what age group do you think wants to know how many calories are in a chocolate doughnut? It is probably not the 20 year old. If you’re interested in calories and still want something sweet you will go where the calories are shown. Are you likely to ask if the calories are not printed? I would guess you’re not likely.

If it were my business and I was after the Baby Boomer I would have a week of Baby Boomer events. Classic cars, 50 and 60’s music, memorabilia from the era, bring in an old year book or a photo of you in a poodle skirt for a discount or special gift. Take photos of people and post them on your Facebook page; in fact create a page for the occasion. What about an Elvis night or Elvis lookalike contest? Use this occasion to add some interest to your Facebook page and check out the pages written about the Boomers. 

Aging hipsters has great information. 

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