Lisbeth Calandrino

Great New Habits That People Have Built During COVID–There’s Still Time!

There are days when I must ask someone whether it’s Monday or Tuesday. When you’re not on your usual work schedule, one day runs into the next. I was talking with a friend who told me that pajamas have become the outfit for the day. Maybe that’s not bad, she said, I realize now how …

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It’s Time to Clean Up Your Selling System as Your Business Reopens after COVID-19

Your responsibility is to keep your employees and your customers safe so you do not spread the virus. This is stressful to your employees and your customers so its important  you pay attention to the will have to pay particular attention to guidance developed by OSHA. When you first open it’s likely everyone will feel stressed because they’re trying to get it right. As long as you’re paying attention there’s nothing to worry about. Take your time and pay attention to everyone in your showroom and streamline your selling system.

Today's All About Love–My Gift to You

For years I’ve been talking about building courses for my customers. I’ve been through so many things, through business and through my personal life, things that have taught me so much. Whether it’s how to use alternative remedies to treat my cat or how to hire the right warehouse person. They are equally important. Many of you have also shared your lives with me and have asked if I could help you. I’ve decided to put my classes together to see if I can help.