Are You Still Living On "Wanna Be Island?"

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"Just because you "Wanna" won't make it happen."
One of my friends came up with an interesting thought; “I now  realize that most people , including myself, live on “I Wanna Be Island.” This is not the Wanna Wanna Inn, South Padre Island, Texas, it’s the I wanna be this,  I wanna be  that but wanna be is  not enough to make it happen. You have to know what you want to make it happen, and go for it.
I started thinking about “Wanna Be Island, ”  was I living there too? How many times have I said I wanna have this happen and left it at that?
In order to bring about significant change in your life, you need to give yourself the freedom to open new lines of communication between your mind, body and your spirit.  Little changes can become big changes as you disconnect from “the way things are supposed to be.” Check out this post, The Quickest Way to Change Your Life. You can dream, entertain ideas or read about what you want to do but if you want it to happen you must do it. Think about weight lifting, you can’t build muscles or endurance without involving your body. I know people that are always talking about why they can’t lose weight; they have many seemingly legitimate excuses but rarely do they say, I can’t stop eating!  The reality is that too much of the wrong food will make you fat.
Why don’t we get things done? Too often our heads think apart from our bodies and then our spirit suffers. When we fail to recognize a bad habit or change a destructive pattern, it’s typically because our heads are blindly following our bodies. We’re just not thinking.
What is your self-destructive habit? Mine used to be I would work until I dropped  from exhaustion. My sister and I would work for days and nights on projects, barely stopping to eat. We would pat ourselves on the back for our endurance but now I realize how bad it was for our bodies.  It was unhealthy for us and those around us who had to put up with us.
If you are having trouble moving, here are a couple of things you might try. Immerse yourself in life. To lose yourself in something you love is to find yourself,  to discover who you are.  It’s like trying to find a street address without a map. The other night my friend Adrienne and I were on our way to a party and couldn’t find the address. Despite the fact we had directions they just didn’t make sense. We passed places I had never seen before even though I had grown up in the area. It was a little scary, why couldn’t I find the place? Had I been down this road before and never really noticed anything important? Was I passing through life the same way?
What happens when you get lost and can’t find the place? Maybe you’re living on “Wanna Be Island with social media. It’s  compelling but frightening.  In Stephen Covey’s  7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind, is based on your ability to envision in your mind what you can’t see with your eyes. It’s based on your imagination, what you can envision in your mind and cannot see with your eyes. Ask yourself, how do I want this to end, what am I working towards, is it truly what I want? What are my fears, are they valid or do I scare myself when I have to learn something new? What do I put in my way? I remember going to swimming lessons as a kid. We were learning how to dive and as I approached the diving board I became panicky. The water seemed like it was 20 feet below the diving board when in actuality it was only 3 feet! Every time I pass by the diving board I laugh.
I have read that many people feel that death is the underlying root of all fears. It is the fear of a real thing, one that we must all learn to deal with if we want to enjoy life. What is the real thing that is preventing you from getting off  Wanna Be Island?
Actually  Karyn doesn’t live on Wanna Be Island, she lives in Albany, New York.  Check out Karyn’s great book, “Achiveable Fashions.” Thanks Karyn for the “Wanna Be”  idea.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

2 thoughts on “Are You Still Living On "Wanna Be Island?"”

  1. Thanks so much for the blog post Lisbeth, I got a lot out of it.
    You really nailed it: that if we want to get the things we want, we have to work for them! Plus we have to know what we want to work toward it.
    Great post, take care!

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