Are You Having a Brush With Your Future?

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Thanks to Erin Nelson and "10 Signals,Looking into the Future."
Thanks to Erin Nelson and “10 Signals,Looking into the Future.”
Have you ever gone back into your past and looked into the future; did you say, “How did I get here?”
Try it. It’s a very interesting exercise; it’s taking a good look at who you’ve become. Do you wonder why you chose the path you’ve taken?  Are you wondering where you will be in your next future? Are you where you want to be?  The more you look the more questions you will have.
Many years ago I went to school in Washington, D.C. I used to take the bus to school and talked with this woman who told me she owned a large furniture store. She also said it was very successful but her grown son wasn’t interested in taking it over. Would I come and look at it?
I went to look at it and it was exactly what she said; big and beautiful. I had actually never seen one that nice. I grew up in the country and we never went shopping in NYC for anything. I only went to visit my cousins in the Bronx.
We continued to talk and she invited me to dinner; she was like an aunt—a smart one. Eventually she asked if I would be interested in working with her and learn the business. Eventually she would make me a partner! I was overwhelmed. A graduate student with a part -time job gets an offer like this. She said she knew I was smart and a born salesperson—she was right on that! I remember calling my parents and talking with them. Of course they advised me to talk with a lawyer but I should certainly try it out.
I passed on it. I think I was scared of the responsibility. Of course years later I actually went into the carpet and furniture business with two other partners.
As I look back, I think about the opportunity that I passed on. How different would my life have been? It would have been the road less traveled, but why not? How many other opportunities have you passed on? Do you make the same mistakes?
I’m aware that real opportunities don’t come along that often. I didn’t give this one enough time to ‘settle in.’ I have always been responsible, what was scary about this opportunity?
Looking back doesn’t mean ‘wanting to go back;’ it means evaluating where you’ve been and looking to where you might want to go. It’s a good thing to do. None of us know how much time we really have so why not take advantage of what’s out there?
Remember, your future is before your very eyes.
Lisbeth has been a business and life coach for over 20 years. She has proven that here insights are are very useful to her clients. To book a conversation with her, reach her at [email protected]

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