If you consider customer service an attitude rather than a department, then it makes sense to look everywhere for a place to practice  your craft!
Instead of thinking ‘outside the box’ think about venturing into other boxes. Find ways to deliver extraordinary service and value to anyone and everyone. You will be remembered for your generosity, thoughtfulness and concern.
Do these terms sound familiar? They should be they. These terms are the essence of good customer service.
The key is for you and your employees to practice these behaviors, 24/7. Holidays are the best time to deliver your brand of customer service to your special customers.
I think about the tragedy of Sandy Hook and the outpouring of generosity. This morning I saw the therapy dogs that were delivering hugs and ‘fur’  to the town.
People throughout the world have been delivering random acts of kindness, sending good wishes and extending their personal brand of customer service. If we were to think of the world and the people in it as our customers, would it cause a change? We would constantly be delivering customer service; we wouldn’t have to wait for tragedy.
What about your business? Do you have to wait for  huge problems to arise before you and your employees are at their best?
Why not make customer service your personal mantra and take it beyond your business? Consider building your own special personal customer service package.
Consider Sprint Nextel sending handwritten letters to their customers? In today’s fast paced world they have letter writing Thursdays.  Imagine, taking time to write a note, not a text, and sending it to your customers. Can this work in our new world? Read the article.
My own personal story—ATT lends me a cell phone until I get my new one. Check out my last blog, Why a Memorable  Customer Service Experience Matters.
It’s the holiday season—times to practice your personal customer service:
Consider everyone you meet a customer. Treat them with kindness and concern.
Imagine each person you meet will provide repeat and referral business. Give them something extra like a big smile.
Stay in touch with people you like. Absence does more than make the heart grow fonder—it makes the heart lonely.
I would love to know how you’re delivering your special brand of customer service for the holidays. Please share your ideas.
Happy Holidays to all of my wonderful readers.
Lisbeth helps businesses build loyal customers’ customer retention training. Book Lisbeth to excite your group and expand your horizons.  She can be reached at Redhotcustomerservice

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