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“Are You An Excuse-A-Holic?”

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Being an excuse-a-holic won’t help you make changes. It’s easy to find excuses for everything.

For the past 3 months, I have been getting up at AM to walk/run with anywhere from 2-5 people in the neighborhood. I’ve noticed that our ‘friends’ have been making fun of us. “Why get up at that hour, what will you do in the winter, are you crazy or …” It’s hard to believe that anyone would get up at that hour; at least for some people. What started out as a friendly walk with my friend Bea, seems to have turned into somewhat of a competition. We post our distance and calories to our group. We don’t even care about how far we go, it’s the getting up that’s important. We go every morning, no days off unless you choose one! Attached is our photo one day last week; we picked up a new person, one is out of town and one broke her foot. It’s very interesting.


Today's numbers
We post the numbers daily so we can see how we’re doing.

Most people are excuse-a-holics. Some people are alcoholics, some people are drug-a-holics, all those things. More people in this country suffer from excuse-a-holism than any of those other “isms”.. according to John Addison Leadership. We’re working on not being excuse-a-holics! 

Why bother you say, here’s what I’m hearing: `+


“Getting up is as important as the distance. Once I’m up it’s all easy!”

“I’ve learned so much from everyone in the group; the conversations are great.”

“I never knew some of the people in the group, now I have a bunch of new friends.”

“Hey let’s add some mileage to this group; I’ve already lost 10 pounds.”

I love this expresses, “Success doesn’t care how you feel!” Wow~! Don’t we all like doing things when we feel good, or are in the mood, when I get to it

We all need to change, sometimes it’s so difficult, we think it’s impossible. My grandfather was a successful fruit farmer. His Italian was better than his English but he always made himself understood. He was both stubborn and loving. His encounter with my dad and mom has always stuck with me. I believe this will stick with you also. If you’re looking for a way to get out of your ‘excuses,’ reach out to me.

Love, Lisbeth at, [email protected] Need help getting motivated? Here’s my address; let’s talk! #excuseaholic #motivation #walking #lisbethcalandrino #johnaddisonleadership

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