Are you all Reaction and no Action?

     Any action always has a reaction. Are you always reacting and never  acting?
 Do you get what I mean? I have a friend who is always going off the deep end. A trip to the doctor means she is at death’s door and even when he tells her there is nothing wrong, she finds a problem! By the way she is 76 and has no problems other than the one she creates! You know people like that; or maybe it’s you?
We live in a world where we are expected to make a decision but not every action requires  a reaction. If someone does something to you you’re expected to respond. When we react to every situation it’s likely whatever we say will have a lasting effect. The impact of your statement maybe worse than what you would have said if you waited instead of reacting. Just because you have feelings doesn’t mean you have to act on them; sometimes you need to wait them out. Instead try and notice the feelings and let them sit awhile.
The problem with acting immediately is that we often act without empathy for the other person. The action is all about us. Think about the last time someone cut in front of you as you were turning. This morning I pulled out of my driveway and turned left. I thought I had looked to the right but obviously I didn’t. Well some woman is as big SUV started screaming at me and shaking her fist. “What do you think you’re doing B…?” At first I was frightened and then reminded myself that she probably misunderstood my actions and was scared also. That’s better than thinking she was looking for a physical fight, but I was ready for that too! Luckily she took off and I didn’t have to try any of my defense skills.
Customer service always matters.
Before you take up the fight, ask yourself, will this affect me a year from today? Will it really matter? Think back to the things you worried about 5 years ago how are they affecting you today? This is a good customer service skill to teach your employees. How many times have they argued with a customer and then regretted it later?
Worrying wastes time.
Worrying doesn’t fix anything, if it did none of us would have any problems.
Teaching your employees to take action instead of reacting will go a long way.
To learn more about how to ‘act instead of react,’ give me a call and let’s see how I can help you or your employees. By the way, a little coaching goes a long way.
TAKE A DEEP BREATH! You will be able to make a better decision.
Lisbeth has been helping businesses with planning strategies. For ideas for your business, give her a call, 518-495-5380 or an email, [email protected]

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