Advanced Flooring

3 CEU Units

The renovation of old floors or floors that require more attention, leads to different solutions than if
you’re starting from scratch. The floors that are already down require sophisticated remedies and skilled
contractors. When it comes to selecting flooring for these types of spaces, it’s essential to look beyond
esthetics and look to day-to-day practicalities. When dealing with more industrial or complicated
spaces, the question is how it is being used and how does it impact the public. These spaces include,
garages, healthcare, hospitality, office space and recreational facilities.

The three top issues are acoustic requirement, energy management and the biggest one, maintenance.

  1. Learn the types of materials that are best used in spaces that have heavy traffic, wheeled traffic
  2. Understanding flooring codes, subfloor types to determine product choice
  3. Understand the importance of flooring maintenance, different types and how to protects one’s
  4. Gain an understanding of what Independent Claims Inspectors do and the role they play in
    handling flooring claims
  5. Understand the new types of different types of commercial flooring and their specific usage

The following topics will be addressed for topics 1- 3 in the outline below:

  • types of materials for high traffic and problem floors
  • maintenance
  • durability
  • installation and subfloor issues
  • noise attenuation, (how to soften the noise)

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