A Wine Tasting Party is a Great Way to Network

Wine is part of our lifestyle — why not celebrate it while networking? If you're considering a wine tasting party, try these ideas:

  • Present wines from different countries. Have people present the histories of their favorite bottles. The more regions, the merrier — it'll be like a trip around world.
  • Include all types: white and reds, desserts and old world.
  • For added expertise, bring in a sommelier.
  • For food, consider simple hors d'oeuvres, cheese, olives, grapes, apples or even pub food. There's a great list of more complicated hors d'oeuvres here.
  • Have a raffle or a drawing where the winner gets a nice bottle of wine.
  • Raise money for a favorite charity.
  • Put car keys in a fishbowl — and provide transportation!

Happy holidays.

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