A Lottery Tale: Are Lucky People Winners Or Winners Just Lucky?

While in my down-facing-dog Yoga position, it occurred to me that today was the day the local lottery winner was claiming the loot. I didn’t want to miss it; I never met a lottery winner or  Yoland Vega, the voice of the lottery.
As a side note,  I just seriously started attending Yoga classes about a month ago, and now I’m hooked.  I find it clears my mind and revs up my energy level. If you want to know more about Yoga check out this link.
The timing was right and a half-hour later I was at the Stewart’s Shops in East Greenbush  waiting for the winners.
Life is filled with stories, and this event is no different. It seems that the person who didn’t win bought 50 tickets ahead of the one who did win. Debra, the winner, bought the last ticket available. She bought it because the clerk said, buy it, I think it’s lucky. Debra said she wouldn’t have bought it because it was a five dollar ticket, and she never spends more than two dollars.
The man before her said, I won’t buy the last ticket because  last isn’t lucky. I wonder where he got this advice?
Think about it, he only needed to buy one more ticket to win a million dollars. Okay don’t tell me,  like so many people I met today that a million dollars isn’t really that much. I guess they never tried to save a million dollars or earn it for that matter.
Wow, two different theories about luck. Debra, said she went with her gut and why not take a chance?
The puzzle remains, how do you know when to give up (and not buy number 51) or buy 51 because the clerk said so?(Great link to not giving up.)
Talk about great customer service on the clerk’s part! Great customer service is listening to your customers; could he had heard she wanted to win?
Personally, I think luck is about connections, feelings and deciding to be at the right place at the right time.
Yes, I said deciding to be at the right place.
I believe our unconscious mind knows everything. Call it karma, or religion we all believe in something. I asked Debra if she believed in luck to which she replied no. But she said  she liked the clerk, and his advice felt right.
I asked the lottery officials about winning, and they all gave me that same old advice; you’ve got to play to win. Let’s not forget the clerk’s part in all of this–great salesmanship. Sometimes the customer just needs a push from the salesperson who knows the two most important principles of sales. The two principles are having enthusiasm and building rapport with your customers.
For the clerk Debra  was the right customer. She said if she won he would win.
Nice story.
Maybe go with your gut; good life advice too.
Lisbeth Calandrino helps businesses build loyal relationships with their customers through customer service and sales training. Need a speaker? She can be reached at [email protected]. Lisbeth  is also the co-author of CONTAGIOUS OPTIMISM! Learn more about www.contagiousoptimism.net (publisher: Viva Editions).

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