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I am in "time out?"

I am in “time out?”

Yesterday and today I had the “cat from hell” experience. The  new member of my family Bel, the  Maine Coon cat, went after my Norwegian Forest cat,  Ranyday. Rainyday had just come back from being groomed and probably looked like another cat. Bel was freaked out.  This morning Bel leaped out of bed, and took after Rainday again. The whole house was in an uproar. I grabbed Bel and put him in the living room and put a sign on his door, “I’m in time out and thinking.”

How many times have you gotten out of sorts and said or did things you wish you hadn’t and spent the whole day fuming? Was  your  stomach  in an uproar? I have a friend who, like clockwork, has a physical issue every time there’s an emotional conflict. Before you know it, she’s off to the emergency room

Kids get breaks; they get to  go cry.

Why are we so reluctant to give ourselves a break? We spend much of our time trying to succeed or pleasing others that we get more tired.  Why do we feel so guilty when it comes to ourselves? How many times have you said you  would just love to crawl beneath the covers and go back to sleep? If everything is starting to look bad, you need to go into your “time out room.” Blaming others for our problems doesn’t help either, but we often do.

Build your own "time out"  house.

Build your own “time out” house.

What would your “Time Out Room” look like?

Your front porch listening to the birds.

A good book; or a bad book.

The second Yoga class for the day.

A walk around the block.

Your tree house?

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