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New doors lead to new thinking.

Looking for something new?

Life is about being creative.I don’t know about you, but some days I’m on automatic pilot. Ask me what I’ve done and I’ll tell you “the same old, same old.” The only way to have something different happen is to choose to do something different. It’s not so easy. I have had a writer’s block so to speak. For some reason I wasn’t making time to do one of the things I really like and that’s write. Luckily enough, my friend Jeanne Heiberg was holding another writer’s workshop. Jeanne is a well known author and painter and always brings new ways of thinking to her workshops.

Her workshops are very much like guided meditation except with a “hook.” She gives you a topic, suggests that you “go there” and then you write about it.It can be rather unnerving but being with a group of writers it is also very stimulating.The end results are very personal and thought provoking for everyone. Having shared your deepest thoughts with strangers they suddenly  become new friends. The strangeness is replaced with a wonderful new bond.

Once everyone writes their piece, we are asked to add our “two cents.” There is rarely anything critical, just everyone’s thoughts about your plot and how it made them feel.Of course this is all very subjective but it’s fun seeing everyone’s reaction.

A writer’s workshop isn’t just about writing; it’s about thinking in a very different way. Whether it be personal change or change for your business, you have to approach tasks differently if you want new results. It’s like a free flow of information and thought. How you approach the task is up to you, there is no right and now wrong there’s just a new ending. The key is to get those creative juices flowing. Yes, we all have them, they just need a push!

Consider if you’re wanting to make changes in your business. Maybe your sales and customer service just don’t seem up to par. A brain storming session might be just what you need. The key is to stop trying to make changes with old information. The first thing a business owner does is reach into the archives of his mind for old solutions. Unfortunately today’s problems are more complicated and require more sophisticated solutions.

Was Marilyn known for her beauty and wit?

I held a workshop not long ago with business owners and asked them to draw pictures of the person they would like to be. Of course many people showed up from the “dead file,” i.e. Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy. Next I asked them to describe the traits that these people admired. The last part of the exercise was to “try on those traits” and decide how to use them to grow their  business. I know, it sounds simple doesn’t it? It is a simple task with powerful results. (There was high tension in the room, everyone thought they were getting graded on their photos!)

You see learning is best accomplished when the participants feel like whatever happen it’s “their idea.” Since we’re no longer children, we are skeptical of people who tell us what to do even if it’s good for us. The best example of this is the man who gets divorced and over time remarries the same woman. His friends all ask him why and tell him it never worked the first time. He agrees and  confesses he really doesn’t like her that much but at least he knows what to expect!

Wasn’t Thomas Edison the one who said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over again and expecting different results? It’s up to you to determine your end results.

Lisbeth Calandrino is a coach who helps people discover their true direction in life.  To reach Lisbeth  to have her speak to your group or for a personal consultation, she can be reached at [email protected]

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