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Being nice can help your health.

Being nice can be a way of life.

They say it’s the little things in life that count, and many of them are free.

Being nice doesn’t cost anything but there are some really stingy people in this world. I have a friend who never says please or thank you  to the waitress or the cashier; I just cringe. Maybe my friend didn’t have to work her way through college as a waitress.

I was taught to say please and thank you and bring a gift if you invite me to your house.  Am I out of touch with the world? There are some people who are just nice.

I read that being nice to others is really good for you. Apparently, it’s good for everyone involved.

Let’s see, what does being nice mean? In my mind, it’s smiling, being thoughtful, forgiving and friendly. It means sometimes going out of your way for someone. Think about who you remember in life. It’s usually the nasty ones and the really nice ones.

We’ve all been cut in front of in traffic. Instead of giving them the finger let’s assume they have good reason for doing it. For instance, if they don’t get to the nearest bathroom, they’re going to soil themselves on their cloth seats. Could this happen to any of us?

The other day I got pulled over for speeding. The trooper said, “Do you know how fast you’re going? “No I replied, I just know I   took a wrong turn and I’m on my way to the airport and   I’m in a panic.” He asked which airport and then  said, “Follow me.” I deserved the ticket and gladly would have paid because missing the plane would have cost me a lot more!

I’ve decided to smile at everyone in traffic; I haven’t gotten any dates or stalkers, but I get smiles back. That’s better than those nasty grimaces.

Think about being warm and friendly.

Being warm can make you many friends.

How is nice good for you? People will actually like you. Being nice will make you friends; and friends are good. If you  have chest pains  at 3 AM, you will have a friend on  speed dial.


Besides, if  you don’t have friends, who can you trust to go shopping with you and tell you your pants are too tight?

And you may not want to know  this, but who will tell you your boyfriend is cheating? It’s said that thinking good thoughts will help your health prosper.  The world looks better; the economy looks brighter,  and you’ll feel powerful and positive about ourselves. Yippee!

In fact,  it will give you warm and  fuzzy feelings about  yourself.

Hey you get extra bonus points for being nice. Steven Covey calls it ‘the emotional bank account.’

When you do a good deed, you feel better about yourself. Even if all you do is stop off at PetSmart during a pet adoption and hug a cat. I always feel better when I do that. I think the cat does also. If the cat really likes you, possibly you should be volunteering at your favorite animal shelter,  or you will want to go to veterinarian school or become a vet tech.

When we’re nice, we can feel  grateful for what we have and  better about our own  situation.

I live in a community where people watch out for one another—sincerely. If someone is sick  or has a misfortune, we take up the cause.  Recently, a neighbors’ boyfriend  had  a bicycle accident, and the  whole neighborhood rallied. What followed were cards, letters, visits (when allowed) and lots of hugs for our anguished friend. I  think the neighborhood felt a sense of togetherness.

You know what else makes it really nice? You can stop  thinking about yourself.

Lisbeth helps businesses build loyal relationships with their customers. She does this by providing customer service and “learning how to be nice” training. If you want her to speak at a function,  she can be reached at [email protected]

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