Month: June 2010

I Facebooked Your Momma

The era of ‘glass houses’ and the ‘transparent generation’ have a lot of people nuts. If you grew up in my era this is how it went: If your sister drank it was a family secret and you did your best to keep it away from your friends or even your cousins. Life was all about secrets. Today the same scenario if done properly could land you a television script, a movie part or a spot on Oprah. The least would be a video uploaded to YouTube, an interview with your drunken sister, a book deal or at least a blog and a minute of fame somewhere. It’s no wonder the over-50 crowd can’t get a handle onthis and are wondering why?

Nothing Gets Accomplished Without Enthusiasm, Not Even Customer Service

Excellent or ‘Red Hot Customer Service’ exceeds the customer’s needs, either real or perceived. It is also delivered in a consistent and dependable manner. In my book I talk about simple concepts and why they’re important. They are important because without the basic concepts a business can’t move to the next level that I call ‘red hot.’ Because they are simple you would think they are easy to implement; unfortunately they’re not. These basic concepts also apply to life; without the basics how can you move on to the more complicated.

FABULOUS FLOORS Magazine To Continue Following Founder’s Passing

Fabulous Floors Magazine will continue: GHENT, NY — In the wake of the unexpected passing of its founder, FABULOUS FLOORS Magazine, the first consumer publication devoted to floor décor, will continue publishing its quarterly issues. “We will finish the Summer issue which Publisher Sonna Calandrino had begun prior to her death in late May, although …

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Look Mom, no Hands!

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