Month: October 2009

Want To Do More Business? Get Out and Attend That Business Networking Event

As a business consultant, I often talk with businesses owners and salespeople about the importance of networking: basically getting out and meeting people. Unfortunately many people aren’t too positive about the whole idea. They tell me it’s a lot of work, they don’t know what to say and they won’t know anyone at the event. I would say yes to a couple of them—it does take work and you might not know anyone. But as Woody Allen once said, “90% of success is just showing up.”

Are Your Satisfied Customers Putting You Out of Business?

According to a study conducted by two professors from Vanderbilt University, up to 40% of satisfied customers do not return to those businesses who gave them the satisfactory service.
This means that almost half their customers wind up missing in action.
How would they know if they’re missing?
They probably wouldn’t, because most businesses don’t track lost customers or try to find out where these customers went.

Architecture Meets the Brand and the Consumer: An Interview with Jennifer Magee

This summer I decided to take in the GreenBuildingNY show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. I consider myself up on 'green' but I realized if I wanted to learn anything new, it was probably in New York City. I expected exhibits on anything connected with the building industry; what I hadn’t …

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