Month: July 2009

Real Men Go to the Opera — and To Sim's Barbershop

Anthony "Tony" Giles, a tuba and base trombone player from Manhattan, has led an interesting life. And today his life is going to get even more interesting.  He's at Sim’s Barber Shop in Guilderland, NY, getting his first shave with hot towels and aromatherapy. All this from owner Greg Zorian — a third-generation barber who has …

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Financial Tips: Getting Through Tough Times

If you have an uncertain future, or think you might, then “scrub”your budget.
Build emergency savings for yourself and look at your major obligations. If you don’t want to give up your outside expenditures — trips to Starbucks, picking up a new cosmetic, that trip to the dollar store that never turns out to be a dollar — then plan to take less money with you and leave your credit cards at home. Take only enough cash to spend or make one less trip.

Are Your Salespeople Making You Money?

So my friend and I decided to stop at a favorite restaurant, Legal Sea Foods. Legal Sea Foods started out as a market in Cambridge, MA and opened their first small restaurant next to the market in 1968. In 1994 they opened in Logan Airport outside of Boston. I have also discovered a LS in National Airport. The food is amazing and my friend who has eaten his way around the world says the clam chowder is second to none. I should also he add he never orders clam chowder—except at Legal Sea Foods.

Look Mom, no Hands!

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