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“Lis is a high-energy and very personal presenter with a great sense of humor. Her presentation is based on a very solid understanding of the flooring retail market and is full of very practical ideas of how to improve the business of a floor covering store.” – Svend Hovmand, Chairman, Crossville, Inc.

“Lisbeth Calandrino is the most dynamic force available in the industry today. Her extensive experience and deep understanding of business allow her to immediate hone in on the best strategic solutions available to an organization. Combine that with a practical no-nonsense approach to identifying and understanding industry issues and you have solutions second-to-none, guaranteed to last and sure to be fully embraced by the organization working with her. Lisbeth is not for the faint-of-heart. She will pour heart and soul into developing solutions that address current and future market conditions, expecting you to be as committed to the process. If you’re passionate about your business and its long-term viability, you won’t think twice.” – Christine B Whittemore, Director, In-Store Innovation, Wear-Dated Carpet–Solutions Inc.

“Lisbeth, thank you for your key note addresses for the Arizona floor Covering Association. Your interactive, thought-provoking delivery hit just he right notes with our audience of small business owners, distributors and manufacturers. Every time you address our group your presentations are new in content, extremely useful and fun to listen to. It’s also great to get a view of our target female customer from  a woman. A number of our board of directors commented they could have stayed all night and listened to you. Come back again. I have someone outside the industry doing one for me.” – Peggy McCarthy, Executive Director, Arizona Floorcovering Association

“Lisbeth, our conference attendees enjoyed not only your message, but also the humorous and real life way it was delivered. The round table discussions were a great way to deal with the most important topics facing our owners as well as a way for them to share their information and learn from each other. I received numerous posive comments from our business owner who now understand the issues facing them more clearly as well as having new tools to wow and service their customers. We would love to have you back again.” – Christine Rankin, President, Carpet Network, Inc.

“I am thrilled to have been a part of many of Lisbeth’s presentations. Every I listen to her the content is always different and relevant, market trends up to date and delivered with extraordinary high energy. The information I have gained from Lisbeth over the past years have proved to be invaluable in my business and my life.I am impressed with her subject knowledge as well as her presentation skills. I look forward to having my employees attend more of her seminars.” – Kevin Gamble, Co-owner, 332 Hardwoods

“I recently attended my first seminar with Lisbeth.  I was impressed with her understanding of human behavior and how I might motivate my staff. Since networking  and outside sales is of particular importance to our business, I found Lisbeth’s ideas to be right on  target and gave me new ways to grow our business. Lisbeth’s thorough understanding of the flooring industry  has given me tons of new ideas. I can’t wait to go back and share them with my staff. Thank you Lisbeth!” – Herb Hildebrand, COO, Great Lakes Carpet and Tile

“I wanted to thank you for the classes. I have learned more in 2 days than I thought possible.  I enjoyed your class so much.  Please know that you have made a difference in my life, your are such an outstanding person.” – Katherine Miller

“I enjoyed your presentation and look forward to reading your blogs as well as any other information you send my way. The energy that you displayed while you were speaking seemed to flow through you and out to everyone that was listening. Your passion for us to better ourselves was overwhelming, I look forward to putting into action some of the things that you talked to us about.”
Jeff Rudisill

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