10 Ways to Make Your Virtual Trade Show a Success: Think Entertainment!

I know, trade shows are where work gets done and people buy products. Virtual trade shows are here to stay; they save time, money and you can get work done. The big problem is how do you make them interesting so people want to come.



I’ve been to several virtual trade shows this year;  I miss the hugs but I don’t miss the plane trip, the sore feet and the overbookings!


  1. The world is about fun; think Tic Tock, YouTube and wherever you go for your laughs. In my opinion, you have to start thinking entertainment –and you’re the entertainment.  I’m probably in the minority but there are lots ways to make something fun! You can introduce new products online and people can go there, what they need from you is interaction that makes them like you.
  2. What’s entertaining? Think what are the shows you watch and what do you watch on TV? Let’s start with a cooking show, a sommelier poring the latest and greatest wines? How about you cooking your grandmother’s favorite dish. (We all love to hear stories about grandmothers.)
  3. How about education? If you want your products sold why not get an industry expert to present how to sell your products at higher margins or how to bring in more customers? The right expert has enough of a following to help you increase your customer base.
  4. Unless you’ve got the energy of a TV anchor, it’s hard to hold an audience. Make your presentations shorter.
  5. If you’re planning on having a panel; three participants is enough with a good moderator. Make sure you have good lighting and sound.
  6. Should you do live or video? I recently was a show presenter where we taped the first 20 minutes and then answered questions live. I thought it was a good format; I don’t think the audience knew the difference. Here are some ideas for getting your booth to stand out.
  7. What can you do to engage the audience? If you decide to have games or contests, let participants know ahead of time what to expect.
  8. How about giving out winning numbers? Invite people to show and during the presentation, yell out the numbers and their value. Have fun small gifts and one really nice one. In order to win a gift, they will have to stay for the entire presentation.
  9. Be prepared for problems, they will occur. Did you see the video of the judge and the attorney? The judge used his secretary’s laptop for a Zoom and her granddaughter had a cat filter!
  10. Don’t forget follow through. Get in touch with everyone who stopped in your booth and recap. Virtual isn’t going away and has a place in business.  Your job is to find ways to get good at it.

Not sure how to do a virtual trade show?  Check out The Virtual Ticket: How to Host Private Live Streaming & Virtual Events by Paul William Richards for practical advice and skills on setting up and running a successful virtual event.

I love attending trade shows; I get to hug all my friends, and make new friends! The virtual shows are all about getting business done as well as having fun–minus the hugs. I’m including a video about my thoughts of HOW TO DO IT!


I love making videos and doing presentations. If you want me at your virtual booth, I’m happy to do a presentation marketing your product, LIsbeth 


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