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Hi, I’m Lisbeth Calandrino.

My job is to help you to play your greatest game and win by doing what you do best, even when the rules keep changing daily.

"As a business owner, I have an insatiable appetite for education and a burning desire to learn new things..."

After a lifetime of business ownership, I’ve learned you are never too old to learn new things. The most important thing I’ve learned, and I instill in my clients, is that change is not in the rear-view mirror. 

As daunting as it may seem, we should always use change as an inspiration and motivation to move forward.

All businesses are unique and continually evolving; the trick is to help each define their own solutions and fit them into their particular niche. Solutions are never one size fits all, because every business has different challenges and mindset. 

Business is more like the game of golf than a race. It’s a mind game. We win not because we ‘beat the competition,’ but because competition forces us to sharpen our own skills and we ultimately win by playing our own best game.

Want to fire up your business game?

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Red Hot Customer Service


39 Sizzling New Ways to Keep Your Business Hot and Your Sales on Fire

“Companies that learn how to adapt to the customer’s need for deeper human connections and safety will be the winners,” says Calandrino, “in addition. businesses will have to be immersed in omnichannel marketing today’s customer experience is part of a new retail with changes coming every day.”

In this second edition of Red-Hot Customer Service Experience, Calandrino continues to draw on more than 30 years in retail management while updates adding months of ‘post CORONA-19’ virus research. There’s plenty of business to be had but your business has to be willing to stay with ‘tried and true’ policies as well as being able to turn on a dime!

Customer service experience continues to be the connection for a profitable business with customers running the show. We all expect better service and a better feeling from the brands we love.

Is your company ready to provide the kind of service that customers are expecting in the ‘new normal?’

Lisbeth has a practical no-nonsense approach to identifying and understanding industry issues and solutions that are second-to-none, guaranteed to last, and sure to be fully embraced by any organization working with her.
Christine Whittemore
Director, In-Store Innovation, Wear-Dated Carpet–Solutions Inc


From groups of five to five thousand, interactive, high-energy, thought-provoking delivery hits the right notes.


Get the high energy training and ideas you need to strengthen and grow your business!

Problem Solver

Quickly hone in on strategic solutions that address your needs and the long-term viability of your business.

Freelance Writer

Words that inspire, educate and motivate are the perfect reference for a successful business and a life well lived.

My Clients Say...

High energy and impactful ideas!

We have brought many different trainers in and none of them had the impact Lisbeth did on my staff. Even my veteran staff walked away with ideas to improve their “store within a store!”
Russell Evans
Manager, HOM Furniture

She is so full of energy, excitement and knowledge.

We were fortunate to have Lisbeth at our store consulting for several days and we love her! She is so full of energy, excitement and knowledge, there isn’t enough time in the day to get all you can from her.
Veronica Sutyak
Manager, SP Floors, LLC

We have had great success due to Lisbeth’s work.

Mamre Floor’s website has been a great success due to the work that was done by Lisbeth Calandrino. Web content has been well received and Lisbeth has great knowledge in customizing the content specifically for our needs.
Kevin Yu
President Mamre Ploors

By Lisbeth Calandrino Businesses around the country are beginning to...

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