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Lisbeth Calandrino is the most dynamic force available in the industry today. Her extensive experience and deep understanding of business allow her to immediate hone in on the best strategic solutions available to an organization. Combine that with a practical no-nonsense approach to identifying and understanding industry issues and you have solutions second-to-none, guaranteed to last and sure to be fully embraced by the organization working with her. Lisbeth is not for the faint-of-heart. She will pour heart and soul into developing solutions that address current and future market conditions, expecting you to be as committed to the process.

If you’re passionate about your business and its long-term viability, you won’t think twice.

Christine B. Whittemore, Founder, Simple Marketing Now
Lisbeth Calandrino has been an entrepreneur since the age of six. Under the influence of her father, she learned the value of customer service, a practice that was  so embedded into his business that people would often say: “Once Tony’s customer, always Tony’s customer.” A student of her father’s hard work and aspirations, Lisbeth took his guidance and created her own entrepreneurship with the development of seven carpet and furniture stores.  Today, Lisbeth shares these life and business experiences through her speaking engagements and training sessions.
Lisbeth has over 25 years of experience training business professional. She has the ability to deliver an inspirational speech that is thought-provoking and guaranteed to bring out the passion in the audience. If you want a strong convincing woman to present to your business, Lisbeth is the right choice.
Lisbeth has always been recognized for being on the cutting edge of marketing and sales. A significant portion of her career was spent learning and living all things floor-covering. This resulted in a skill set rich with product knowledge, claims inspection and other industry specific know-how.

Lisbeth is a founding partner of Fabulous Floors Magazine, the only international publication to focus on floor covering as a design element.  She presently functions as an associate publisher of the magazine as well as the director of social media and has a regular column, The Saavy Shopper. Click here to learn more.

Lisbeth has immersed herself in the world of Internet Marketing since the rise of blogs and social networking sites, and has learned how to maximize their offerings for business success. She authors and ghost writes several blogs, manages social media sites and has authored several books. Lisbeth publishes a business blog, Lizbizbuzz and hosted a radio show, Red Hot Customer Service. Her diverse client list includes Fortune 500 companies to the retailer down the street.

Lisbeth has received several awards, first place honors in an international marketing contest for alternative medicine as well as a grant recipient to develop business skills for women in recovery. She received an Executive of the Year award from the International Executive Association a business networking group.

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